2350 East Third Street, Williamsport, PA 17701  



Blair Brothers Goldsmiths officially opened its doors in July of 2004, located in the Oaks Plaza, Williamsport, PA.  This new workspace is a far cry from the workshop set up in their grandmother’s Cogan Station basement, which served its purpose for filling many Christmas orders in 2003, but more room was needed.  Working closely with skilled craftsmen from the area, the dream showroom slowly became a reality.

Walking in to the store evokes your senses of quality and elegance.  Blair Brothers Goldsmiths insist on using only the highest quality metal and stones for their creations.  With time traveled all over the United States and Africa, Blair Brothers Goldsmiths ensures they locate the best materials for their customers.   They have built lasting relationships with world renowned stone cutters and reliable, trustworthy diamond suppliers. 



Blair Brothers Goldsmiths listen carefully to the needs and desires of our customers and build unique pieces to suit your personality.  The designs are both exquisite and wearable.  Our driving force is people, which remain highest on our list of priorities. The business acquaintances and friends we've made on our travels and the mentors and role models we've been fortunate enough to learn from are what bring us the most gratification.  Stop in and see what sets this business apart from others. 


Custom Handcrafted Gold Platinum Jewelry, Engagement Rings & Wedding Bands, Diamonds & Uncommon Precious Gems


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